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Profile modeler

Postby DanFecteau » Tue, Apr 07 2020, 9:22AM

While we have time to experiment cause of that Covid thing.....I'd like to know how I can profile radius moulding on my thermwood via eCabinet. I attach a picture of the profile I need. Is that possible to do that with a combination of ballnose tools ?
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Scott Marshburn
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Re: Profile modeler

Postby Scott Marshburn » Wed, Apr 08 2020, 6:34AM

Yes, you can.

Clint Buechlein
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Re: Profile modeler

Postby Clint Buechlein » Wed, Apr 08 2020, 7:44AM


If you have that profile in a CAD software, you are part of the way there. For eCabinets you'll need that profile to create a tool that will be "pushed" through the part in Part Editor. You can export the profile as a DXF and load it into Shape Manager to create the tool.

The accuracy to the original shape will depend on how much time you're willing to let the machine do its work. The smaller the ballnose bits you use, the more closely you'll match the profile. However, the smaller the bits, the longer it will take to profile.


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