Pocket ramp in

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Joe Soto
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Pocket ramp in

Postby Joe Soto » Thu, Jun 11 2020, 8:09AM

Cutting pockets using spiral path with a 1 1/2' cutter set to 72% step over.
I have Dado/Rout ramp in setting set to 6" but for some reason I get several parts that the plunge happens on the shortest line possible. It appears to be starting in the step over not the actual rout. I've slowed it feed rate down but even at 15IPM its still a pretty hard plunge since its getting applied to the pre-ramp move and the next motion is at 600IPM. Any suggestion?

Sample code. This one did the ramp in on a 0.03" line
G00X85.8438Y42.5150 (Pocket Rout)


Forrest Chapman
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Re: Pocket ramp in

Postby Forrest Chapman » Thu, Jun 11 2020, 4:03PM

I get this occasionally if the part is rotated. Not sure what the solution is though.


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