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Taz Conzole
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Help! Please

Postby Taz Conzole » Mon, Feb 13 2006, 7:54PM

Hello to all Yes another newbe name is Taz Tampa FL I am purchaseing a new Thermwood cs40-48 machine and i am looking at BOBCAD softwear
can I please ask for some feed back on this softwear I am new to ALL of this and want to open a job shop and also wish to do 3d sign's. Please advise of cost as I have been told different prices for the BOBCAD softwear.
Thank You for any help
Taz :roll:

Nick M Singer
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Postby Nick M Singer » Tue, Feb 14 2006, 12:58AM

Hi Taz
Thought I would forward the contents of a mail I received from BobCad for your information. I have not tried the software myself yet, I am too busy getting eCabs & Rolling nest under my belt. It looks very good and would probably be great for 3D work and signage. I get by very well with eCabs and DXF's for all my requirements manufacturing cabinetry etc.



I contacted you today about this Version 20 demo that you download; this
is full 2D&3D programming software package. We have over 50, 000
customers that use our software around the world, we have been in the
business for over 20 years now and we don’t have any yearly fee’s with
our package. This is a $4000 Cad & Cam package and the promotion that we
are running is $995 for the complete program this is also including
training material, this offer ends Friday, please feel free to contact
me with any questions. Thank you\"

Zach Froble
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Postby Zach Froble » Tue, Feb 14 2006, 8:37AM

I have been using bobcad/cam for many years on different machines. The software is very similar to autocad. It is very user friendly, you can learn it on your own, but if you want to get up and running right away I would get the training videos or take a training class.

As for pricing the software is always around 995.00 they run this promotion all the time. If you want to do sign work you should probably look at Bobart as well, it is a upgrade that will take images and make them into machineable lines.

If you have anymore questions you can email me at


Taz Conzole
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Thank You

Postby Taz Conzole » Wed, Feb 15 2006, 7:53AM

Hello again,
Just a short note to say thank you for your help.
Taz :P

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