Thermwood 9100 control?

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Andy Artz
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Thermwood 9100 control?

Postby Andy Artz » Thu, Feb 16 2006, 5:07PM

Hopefully I am not wasting anyone's time with this post. I have a client with a dual table, dual head Thermwood router with a 9100 control (if I am reading it correctly). I found documents on the G/M codes for this machine on another post, but I haven't been able to find the high-level function language docs or how the fixture/tool offsets work. The control has a menu that lets me run/copy/delete programs, but nothing that controls fixuture/tooling offsets. There is a \"setup\" file, but this seems to control mappings for M/G codes.

My question is: can anyone help me with the high-level language and how to control the fixture/tool offsets. It looks like I should be able to do a G53L# and reposition part home, but I'm not sure how to load that offset with a value.

Thanks in advance!

Ryan Hochgesang

Postby Ryan Hochgesang » Fri, Feb 17 2006, 9:17AM

Hi Andy,

If you are using a 9100 control you will need to use a G53.# not G53L#. The G53L# is only used on the 91000 control. When using G53.#, the # represents the offset file log that you are using. To write the offset value to the offset log, you will need to do the following in the THM control screen: Select EDIT - VARIABLES - FIXTURE OFFSET, Type in fixture offset file number name then ENTER, Type in an axis designator then ENTER, Type in a new distance for the referenced axis then ENTER, Repeat these steps as required. The 9100 control can store up to 21 fixture offset files. If you are wanting to use the G53L# on a 91000 control, you will write the G53L# in the cnc program, then select F4, F4, to enter the fixture offset values in the offset table.

As far as high-level language, I assume you are referring to AFL. The Advanced Function Language is a fully functional computer programming language that runs within the EIA program code on a Thermwood 91000 SuperControl. This language to my knowledge is not available for the 9100 control. If you would happen to be wanting this information for the 91000 control you can call Thermwood (800 221 3865, ask for field service) to order the AFL user manual.

I hope this information has been helpful.

Contact: for any of your Thermwood CNC programming needs.

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Brad McIntosh
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Thermwood 9100? Control....

Postby Brad McIntosh » Wed, Feb 22 2006, 2:43PM


Is this a 3 axis machine? Do you know the machine model number? You may want to contact Thermwood's Tech. Services with the serial number and they could then provide you with further information, including the service history of the machine.

The 9100 (read ninty-one hundred) is only capable of simple variable manipulation, input/output manipulation and has a few functions to return axis positions. No IF..THEN, no LABELS (M80L#), GOSUBs (M82L#) or GOTOs (M81L#), no WINDOW or INPUT commands, no etc...

When the G53 is called, the machine will move directly to that position. (With these older machines I had/have a tendancy to prefer using G92's or a fence macro.)

I reworked the macros on a C50 with an old 9100 control last year for a client that bought it used. I was able to give them fence location macros and material thickness adjustment (ZSHIFT) functionality. If you are interested, I could share these with you. (Changes may be required on your end due to the dual table situation. They could be a good starting point.)
Brad McIntosh
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Andy Artz
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Postby Andy Artz » Thu, Mar 30 2006, 8:54PM

Sorry for the long delay responding. The control is a 9100 V2.068 running on a 286 processor.

I ran into a few odd problems, for example when I tie the axes (G61YV) the second table (V) lags slightly behind the Y. It appears the feed rate is different between the 2 tables. When the V axis gets far enough behind the machine starts jerking, I assume it is waiting for the axis to catch up.

Most of the positioning codes I have tried don't work. For example G51 is not recognized and the edit/variables menu doesn't exist. Could the menu have been altered?

G92 does work, but only as G92X0Y0. So, to use G92 I have to move to position (G0X10.Y-5.) then call a G92X0Y0 to create the fixture offset. I tried G92X10.Y-5. (with and without decimal after the numbers) with no luck.

The machine is not in perfect condition, but it is still very functional. The control seems to be keeping it from being truely efficient (or maybe I'm programming it wrong :lol: ). I would like to see the CNC producing, but it is frustrating wasting time just to get a fixture/tool offset going.

My final question is: can this control be updated?? Either a better version of the 9100 control or a total replacement? The rest of the machine is fine.

Thanks to anyone who can help me with this.

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Dean Fehribach
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Postby Dean Fehribach » Fri, Mar 31 2006, 6:43AM


First off, if the controller is 286-based, then it's a 91 Series control, which makes it three generations old at this point. Since you are on version 2.068 software, that's the last version available for the 91 Series controller, so there no upgrade for the software.

If memory serves, the G92 command on 91 and 9100 series controls works exactly like you are seeing. It's the 91000 and Gen2 controllers that offer the G92X-10Y-5 capability.

I assume you've checked for mechanical problems with both tables to ensure they are working smoothly. This can be done by powering down the machine, enabling your \"Lock Out/Tag Out\" safety procedure, then rotating the table screws by hand to see if movement is unrestricted.

Certainly the controller can be upgraded to a 91000, which runs Windows 2000, and offers significantly more capabilities that I won't list here. The cost wouldn't be cheap, but it wouldn't be radically expensive either since all that would likely be changed is the controller. Contact for more information on this course of action.
Dean Fehribach
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Andy Artz
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Postby Andy Artz » Mon, Apr 03 2006, 5:44PM

The control upgrade is out of my client's budget right now, unless I can get the machine producing enough to make a retrofit worthwhile. I have a few programs that have been running on this machine to look at for examples, but any sample code would be greatly appreciated.

The main thing I am looking for is a way to move the fixture offset (G92) and adjust for tool length without tweaking each Z in the movement code. Would the most effective way be to have Z0 be .25\" above the part, move the machine to position, G92, then execute the rest of the code? Or is there a better way (I have seen ZSHIFT referenced, but I'm not aware if this older control can do that).

Thanks for all the help, I haven't dealt with a control quite like this before and I'm at a bit of a loss.

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