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Rob Davis
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Hasn't happened yet...

Postby Rob Davis » Thu, Mar 02 2006, 2:26PM

If we are cutting a program in Rolling Nest and have 50 sheets total and somewhere in the middle of it a tool breaks or whatever, can we repair, replace etc and resume from that point without having to go back and X-out parts we already have and renest whole job? Most of our nests are big and we got to talking about what would happen if we broke a tool in mid-program. We think we can only figure out what parts we already have and then renest everything else. (You have to run tool measurement in between?) Or have a spare tool ready? But you guys are much smarter than we are!


Forrest Chapman
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Postby Forrest Chapman » Thu, Mar 02 2006, 2:47PM


I beleive as long as your new tool is not larger than the old tool plus added part spacing dimension it should be fine. Example (old tool .355 + spacing of .05 =.405 leaving room for up to that size tool.)

Please someone correct me if I'm wrong.


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Jason Susnjara
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Postby Jason Susnjara » Thu, Mar 02 2006, 3:50PM

Hi Rob,

There is a setting in Control Nesting, Settings area that allows you to check for Sheet Selection. This allows you to go the sheet that the machine stopped on because of a broken tool or because you are ready to go home. If you forgot to select that option, load the cnc file and start the program from the begining. Once the machine indexs out to the first spot (before Z plunges) press Block Stop. Then arrow key down the sheet where the tool broke. From there arrow key up to the first G990 and press start. This will move the machine back to machine home where it will tell the operator to load the sheet.

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