Build 7: Resets all Counters

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Build 7: Resets all Counters

Postby Thom Davies » Sun, Mar 05 2006, 10:12PM

Hey how's it all going?

I have installed build 7 in the weekend. I cut some parts today and when i took them off i had found that it had cut though the waste board which is 4mm. It had cut into the vaccum board by about 3mm. I just want to know why when a new build gets installed that it resets all the counters.


Thom Davies

Ryan Hochgesang

Postby Ryan Hochgesang » Mon, Mar 06 2006, 9:23AM


Sorry about the inconvenience. Depending on what the update was suppose to cover, certain files on the Thermwood controller will be rewritten during an update. This will cause default settings to be put in place. It is best that any time you run an update or install, that you review all your settings and write them down or another option that you have; you can backup certain files and then copy them back to the control after an update is ran (this will ensure your settings will be back in place).

Files that contain customized settings for Control Nesting:
- C:\\RollingNest\\machine.ini
- C:\\RollingNest\\Tooling.thm
- C:\\RollingNest\\material.mdb

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