control nesting buggy

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Arthur Ledet
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control nesting buggy

Postby Arthur Ledet » Tue, Mar 07 2006, 2:20PM

when i nest a job it shows me what sheets i have etc i print them out so i know what it is cutting on what sheet. then i go to sheet six on this particiular jod and it is back panels to the cabinets and it it giving me drilling operations. it should only be doing two dados then outlining the pieces. also when i select a sheet it says that the call label doesn't exist. tks in advance.

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Thom Davies
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Postby Thom Davies » Tue, Mar 07 2006, 5:40PM

Which RN are you running on?


Thom Davies

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Brian Shannon
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Postby Brian Shannon » Tue, Mar 07 2006, 8:04PM

I had that same message while attempting to do my flip operations the following day. I was using RN 4.89. I just noticed that 4.90 is now available.

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