Cutter Compensation and CAD Path

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Cutter Compensation and CAD Path

Postby Bill OConnell » Tue, Apr 25 2006, 2:56PM

I am trying to use Cutter Compensation (G41) with CAD Path. I am getting an error if I put the Compensation commands in the source files or if I leave them out and then go back and put them into the CAD Path output file. What am I missing?
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Ryan Hochgesang

Postby Ryan Hochgesang » Tue, May 02 2006, 8:23AM

Hi Bill,

First of all, you can only apply the dia. comp code after you've CAD pathed your spline path. Once you've ran your spline geometry to the cad path, you will then need to be sure and load the newly generated path from the location that you chose to save at (Typ. I will give the new file a .CAD extension and keep my point file as the same name except for a .PT extension). Once the file is loaded then place the comp. codes in the correct locations (turn comp on <G41 or G42> just before plunging, turn off <G40> as soon as cutter is retracted from cut before you index to next cut, repeat process if multiple cutouts apply). Also, you need to make sure your not trying to compensate in an area where a fillet arc is smaller than the cutter your trying to cut with (will get invalid arc error). If the previous information doesn't correct your issues, please feel free to contact me at Thermwood (email: or phone 800 221 3865) for further assistance.

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