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control nesting

Postby CameronEchols » Thu, Apr 27 2006, 4:34PM

I wish I was able to name my files when you write your cnc code before it writes it. Some times when I have jobs with the same names in them it writes the cnc files over another existing one.

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Jason Susnjara
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Postby Jason Susnjara » Fri, Apr 28 2006, 8:07AM

Hi Cameron,

The name comes from the twd file. You can change the twd file name to a different name before creating the cnc file.


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Brian Shannon
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Postby Brian Shannon » Fri, Apr 28 2006, 9:19AM

I think what Cameron is saying is that if you go back in RN and make any changes(nest direction,etc.) It would be nice when RN writes the CNC file if it would ask if you want to overwrite the existing file of the same name.

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Glenn Van Reason
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Postby Glenn Van Reason » Sat, Apr 29 2006, 6:41PM

I get this problem a lot, to get around I use the flie browser to rename the first cnc file before doing the second nest. Sometimes just by adding \"old\" of \"first\" after the file name. That way the second nest will write a new file and I can get the old file back if I need to.
\"Customer.cnc\" rename to \"Customer Old.cnc\"

Handy if I get an error and a renest fixes it, I still have the old corrupt file to send the Thermwood for them to look at.
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Ryan Hochgesang

Postby Ryan Hochgesang » Tue, May 02 2006, 8:29AM

Hey guys,

A few wks or mnths ago I had a similar request from a customer and have since submitted having this option, to our software programmers here at Thermwood. I was informed that this is something that will possibly be implemented in the future. Thanks for the input!

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Audrey Racine
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Postby Audrey Racine » Tue, May 02 2006, 9:07AM

Hi everyone,

I thinks this could be something good to have it is a good idea!

Thanks Ryan for telling the programmers


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Postby CameronEchols » Tue, May 02 2006, 12:24PM

That would be great I am careful about renaming files before writing similar named files. I have had my employee's write over some of my files that take 30 min to write and that aggravates me.

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