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Brian Shannon
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Production Sharing-pricing

Postby Brian Shannon » Sat, Jun 03 2006, 9:08AM

Anyone willing to share info on how they price/bid panel processing for other shops. I can figure an hourly rate but it should be a fixed rate such as \"per sheet(Mt'l. x ?) + setup+flip ops+handling+design if needed. Way back when, THM had a \"per sheet(machined) price list set up. I'm looking for a simpler method of costing panel production. Any suggestions?

Brian Shannon
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Jeff Norris
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Postby Jeff Norris » Tue, Jun 13 2006, 12:29PM

we useally end up somwhere between 20 and 30 dollars a sheet. if the order is less than 10 it will be on the higher side. if the sheets have more parts or flip ops i will go higher. we have some regular customers that i give the 20 dollar price to across the board. if i have to do some part programming i charge 75 an hour plus the sheet price. if i have to a small amount of machining say cutting out a sink template or a small sign i charge 100 per hour minimum of 1/2 hour. then i calculate them per minute. on some really large jobs i have tool pathed the job and run simulations of the tool path on my pc to get a good gauge of the cycle time i then add some load and offload time and the the perminute charge. we have run 150 sheets in a day for one customer at the per minute price and we made good money and he was very happy with the price and the parts.

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Postby DanEpps » Tue, Jun 13 2006, 1:39PM

Jeff--that sounds sort of like the old $25 per hour, $50 per hour if you watch and $100 per hour if you help :wink:

Zach Froble
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Postby Zach Froble » Wed, Jun 14 2006, 4:16PM

I am in the same ball park and most of the members I have given quotes to said the same.

I charge on average $25/per sheet smaller orders somtimes $30. I offer my cad services at $100/hour. I am still fine tuning my edgebanding prices and was wandering what others were charging for banding PVC, 3mm, and solid wood.


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