AFL class in Atlanta at the IWF?

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Postby DanEpps » Mon, Jul 10 2006, 8:38PM

So, what we have here really is BASIC inline with the G-code and M-code, hence the []s surrounding the keywords.

All we are doing here is asking for input for length and width then creating the respective G01 X and Y codes to perform the cuts---very cool, clean and simple.

Pretty straight forward stuff for those of us old enough to remember Dartmouth BASIC in its purest form.

The good thing about BASIC, thus AFL, is that it is very simple and easy to learn. Anyone that understands CNC programming can easily understand AFL from what I see in Brad's example.

Nice example Brad.

Joe Stone
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Postby Joe Stone » Wed, Jul 19 2006, 6:49PM

To the collective,

I had not seen pg2 with dans expl. I had aked almost the exact comment about \" basic\", scarry. What is it about this capability that differs from others, and what is a very practicle use that would be $. Without that not enough of tha group will care.
Joe Stone

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Postby Brad McIntosh » Wed, Jul 19 2006, 11:01PM


The thing that makes this capability (the use of AFL to augment or parameter-ize a program) differ from others is... well.. is that it is available and that it is included with every control. No additional fees. I have seen other control systems that have \"macro\" and/or \"variable\" capability, but many (if not all of them) charge extra to \"unlock\" access to the functionality.

As Dan alluded to, one should have a grasp of what the standard G&M code is doing within a program before delving into AFL.

AFL is probably not a tool that absolutely everyone is going to be interested in. If one is using eCab, Mastercam, Artcam, Panelmetrix or any other code generating application and is content with the excellent jobs that they do, there might be nothing \"whiz-bang\" that AFL can really do for you. (Some or all of these many be using AFL in one form or another in their output already!) AFL CAN allow individuals to produce specific solutions to specific part programming applications that require variables, operator interaction, logging of cycles and part counting, etc.

As far as specific practical uses of it and $... well - I might leave that to Dan or others to respond to first.


[WINDOW ON] (Open AFL message window)
[CLS] (Clear window of previous text)
[PRINT \"Just my \";]
[PRINT pennies;]
[PRINT \" cents worth!\"]
[PRINT \"\"]
[PRINT \"Press START to continue...\";]
M00 (Wait for START button)
[WINDOW OFF] (Close display window)

M02 (End of program)
Brad McIntosh
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Joe Stone
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Postby Joe Stone » Thu, Jul 20 2006, 7:01AM

Thanks Brad,

I have read as much of this forum as my eyes can handle without going blind. I think the new software technology is reaching a machine buyer who can not grasp many of the highly technical aspects of the machines or softwares. When the discusion gets too geeky I bet many members stop reading. There are about 20 people who have tremendous computer backgrounds who participate here almost daily. I believe you all to be very generous good people to take your time to participate as you do. If you want to get something done you have to make your point reach everyone in order to build momentum enough to drive change. The program will depend on this more and more as less capable users are able to come on board more and more going forward. I think therm should offer this training and so do you but how can you always get business people on an issue? Its $$$$$$$$$, unless you provide strippers or something.
Joe Stone

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