Is there an easy answer?

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Rob Davis
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Is there an easy answer?

Postby Rob Davis » Thu, Jul 06 2006, 2:07PM

When we got the sales pitch on the machine, I thought that I remembered that the machine looks at each forthcoming operation and if the tool that is currently in the head is capable of doing the operation and the time it took to change tools was more than the \"extra\" time it took to perform the operation, that the machine would use the tool in the head.

That being said, is there some value of difference that I need to change in settings or somewhere that will stop the tool from changing to do just one dado? Typically in Rolling Nest programs, it changes a 3/8 for a 1/2 tool, cuts one or two dados, then back to 3/8 for outline. Yes, I have checked the parameters and tool order list. I have also deleted the 1/2 tool from the list but for longer programs like we run, it is not always the best solution on each sheet to use the 3/8 tool when a 1/2 can do it better even if tool changes are included.

Long question.... easy answer?

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Jason Susnjara
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Postby Jason Susnjara » Wed, Sep 06 2006, 8:05AM

Hi Rob,

I am sorry that I missed this posting. If I can remember correctly, the feature that you are talking about had to with an aggregate and a single tool mainly for drill operations. It would look to see if it was going to be faster to drill with one tool versus going to pick up an aggregate to drill the holes 3 or 5 at a time.

I will have the programmers look into multiple tool changes but I think the way it works now is it will drill everything, then it will cut the dados, then routs and then outlines.


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