Odd machine motion

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Odd machine motion

Postby Andy Artz » Wed, Jul 19 2006, 9:06PM

I am working on a older Thermwood with a 91 control. After some general head-scratching and help from this forum it is cutting reasonably complex parts. The problem I'm having now is with a sign project. We are trying to run multiple signs at a time, same toolpath just different locations on the table. Using M98PXXX and fixture (G53.XX) I am able to run 3 signs, but on the 4th the machine takes off in an odd direction.

As far as I can tell the fixture offset gets ignored about halfway thru the 4th call to the subroutine. The machine suddenly tries to go to the location called in the code, but relative to machine home. I have tried using G92 with the same result as G53. I then combined the code into one large subroutine, and the same thing happens after about 180 movement codes.

Is there a modal/read-ahead problem with the old control? Is there an update to fix this?

Thanks in advance.

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Brad McIntosh
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Postby Brad McIntosh » Wed, Jul 19 2006, 10:18PM


If you haven’t already, I would suggest that you speak to someone in Technical Services at Therwood. As with all of the versions of Thermwood's control system, I am sure that there were probably a couple - if not numerous - interim \"versions\" of the software for the 91.

My guess is that your machine and control are older than 12+ years. I have been working with Thermwoods for a little over 12 years and when I started the 91000 was shipping with the machines. Before that there was the 9100. (Don’t think there was a 910...)

If possible, try and get as much information as you can about your software version when the control boots up. This may help the Tech guys out some to research your issue.

Good luck.
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