Air Hockey?

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Bill Rutherford
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Air Hockey?

Postby Bill Rutherford » Sat, Aug 19 2006, 3:05PM

Late on a Saturday afternoon (VERY LATE!!) we realized that if we took the spoilboard off the router, laminated and perforated a waste board, and turned on our air assist we would have a killer air hockey table!!

After a bit more consideration (and maybe another bear) we realized that we could mount a board to the head, move the gantry to the middle of the table, and set the head to travel back and forth on the Y axis as fast as possible. Viola, a moving barrier to add some more challenge!

Didn't try it just let, but who knows maybe if we burn out enough.....
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Jeff Norris
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Postby Jeff Norris » Sat, Aug 19 2006, 4:34PM

funny the guy i bought my one of my machines from used to make air hockey tables with a thermwood

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Mike Bowers
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Postby Mike Bowers » Fri, Aug 25 2006, 9:52PM

Bill.... For once I'm at a lost of words, but that sure is an expensive air hockey table :shock:
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