5th axis problem on an old machine

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George Varga
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5th axis problem on an old machine

Postby George Varga » Tue, Aug 29 2006, 3:11PM

Hi all!
I need some help on an old Cartesian 5 machine (1986?) When I turn the machine on and release the E-stop the 5th axis starts moving immediately and continues until it hits its limit switch. If I try to normalize the 5th axis or home the machine, the 5th axis goes into a frenzy until it hits the limit switch or I kill the power.
I have disconnected all the axis controllers on the board and I still get this same motion as soon as power is put to the machine so I don't believe its a control board problem.
The optical limit sensor appears to be working properly. Could this be an encoder problem on the no.5 motor?
Anybody have any experience with this kind of problem?

Ryan Hochgesang

Postby Ryan Hochgesang » Wed, Aug 30 2006, 7:53AM

Hi George,

Yes is definetly could be an encoder problem. I would suggest switching the motor with another axis. I also would check continuity on the encoder cable going to that particular motor. If you have any further questions or need further assistance, please contact Thermwood service dept. (1 800 221 3865 ask for Field Service) and a technician will assist you over the phone free of charge. It would be best if you could be at the machine when you call into Thermwood, this way, suggestions can be checked immediately when asked.

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