Tool errors

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Chris Say
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Tool errors

Postby Chris Say » Fri, Sep 22 2006, 3:22PM

I have made a 20mm hole that I associated with some KD hardware. I have a drill bit that I want to use for the hole that is 20mm. We've tried to put the bit in the drill bank and the router with no luck. The error reads \"unable to find a tool to do a selected operation\". Where could the error possibly occur, at the machine or in the software? What can I do to fix it?



Ryan Hochgesang

Postby Ryan Hochgesang » Fri, Sep 22 2006, 4:04PM

Hi Chris,

When setting up tooling to perform a single plunge, Drill operation, you must be certain that the tool diameter listed in the tool manager (F10, F9, F2) of the Thermwood control is exact to the Diameter of the hole designed in eCabinets or other cad/cam system if nesting dxf files.

Forrest Chapman
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Postby Forrest Chapman » Fri, Sep 22 2006, 4:08PM


All I can offer is to make sure that your bit diameter is setup in the tool manager as the exact size that it is in the program. If in imperial mode then the diameter is .79\". Obviously it is 20mm in metric and also make sure in Rnest (tooling) it is set up to drill and nothing else. In rolling nest (settings) make sure to check the box for (pockets made of 1 arch and 1 line to drill) or something like that. If possible make sure that no other bits are setup to interpolate a hole that size.


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