problems with entering off falls

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Mark Hesketh
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problems with entering off falls

Postby Mark Hesketh » Mon, Oct 02 2006, 8:28AM

why do i have to enter off falls in the order in which the program wants to nest them? if i enter the off falls in any other order, the program maintains the order of the material that it wants, as well as the order of the profiles i entered, even if that transfers profiles from one material to another. this makes entering more than a couple of off falls at one time very frustrating. Any way to get around this?

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Jason Susnjara
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Postby Jason Susnjara » Tue, Oct 03 2006, 11:01AM

Hi Mark,

Just to let you know that I am working on this to see if I can reproduce the same problem that you are having.


Joe Elbert
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Postby Joe Elbert » Mon, Oct 09 2006, 9:01PM

We have the same issues with the order in which you enter the off fall.

Mathieu Boileau
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Postby Mathieu Boileau » Tue, Oct 24 2006, 10:33AM

I also have this problem, whenever I enter two different materials in the offfals, control nesting mixes them up making it difficult because i have to enter only one type of material per nest.

Nick M Singer
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Postby Nick M Singer » Tue, Oct 24 2006, 10:38AM

I posted this issue a year ago and it is still a problem, you need to enter the offcuts in sequence

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