MAching solid wood....

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Roger Erismann
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MAching solid wood....

Postby Roger Erismann » Thu, Mar 08 2007, 11:26PM

Okay we got the multiple piece runs going of finished sized products....the next question is maching quality for solid wood components

We have the resources to bring rough stock to problem

This is reference doing carvings on solid wood stock or fluted arched doorways and circular or eliptical casing...

What are recomended types of bits (carbide etc) number of flutes and speed settings?
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Zach Froble
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Postby Zach Froble » Fri, Mar 09 2007, 11:52AM

That is a hard one to answer. We run Carbide cutters for solid wood. we make alot of curved casing and fluted products. The feed and spindle speed changes with each wood species. I am using Onsrud bits and they have a refference chart in the back of their catalog for speeds. I usually start there or even higher, then you can adust it while it is running with the override.

I can't remember exactly but I think I was cutting cherry at 200-300 inches with spindle speed of 16,000 (1/2\" Compression spiral 2-flute). That was the outline cut. Don't hold me to that I would have to go back and check.

As far as using the shaper cutters on the machine, they do make heavy duty spindles for shaper cutters, but I am not sure how they work.
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