Pulling programs off of a network

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Matt Quarles
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Pulling programs off of a network

Postby Matt Quarles » Mon, Apr 23 2007, 4:15PM

I'm trying to set up a system for operators to load files off of a network for security issues with part revisions and such. Is there anyone else out there doing this? When we try to load a program it will only let us access the hard drive on the machine and not go up any farther in the network tree.
thanks in advance

Michael S Murray
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Postby Michael S Murray » Mon, Apr 23 2007, 6:41PM

Hi Matt, this is out of my expertiese, But I do have mine set up where I can access the c-drive of my design computer from my machine over a network. I guess if you had more than one design computer you could access them all using the same setup. You will need a network set up, router and data cables between all.As far as the particulars,WELL, I hire that done!(no time or real interest)

Hope this helps get you started
Mike Murray
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Mark Hesketh
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Postby Mark Hesketh » Tue, Apr 24 2007, 6:18AM

we store all of our files on a server directory, which is then accessed from the controller to load the programs. We have never had a problem with this, so it shouldn't be difficult (meaning that if there was even the slightest bit of difficulty, we would have found it). so far as i know, as long as the drive is shared, and the controller has permissions set up to access the server, there shouldn't be a problem.

Ryan Hochgesang

Postby Ryan Hochgesang » Tue, Apr 24 2007, 7:37AM

As Michael has mentioned it is certainly possible to access files through a network on another PC, from your Thermwood control. If you contact us at Thermwood we can give you some input on this subject, but it is recommended that you find a locate IT guy who can come in and work with you on this, due to the fact this is a whole profession in itself.

Nick M Singer
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Postby Nick M Singer » Tue, Apr 24 2007, 7:55AM

I have no problem transferring files over our network and it is a simple matter of setting up a normal Windows network. I also run the control software on our CS40 from my workstation using Tight VNC, just cant push START though.

Daniel Vonderheide
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Postby Daniel Vonderheide » Tue, Apr 24 2007, 9:15AM


I'm pretty sure that this is the information you are looking for. This is in addition to all the information already provided. Any files that you want to load and run on the machine have to be stored in the \"D:Data\" drive of the machine. If the file is located anywhere else on the machine or on the network, you cannot load it and run it through the Thermwood software.

Michael Kowalczyk
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Postby Michael Kowalczyk » Tue, Apr 24 2007, 12:37PM

Hey Daniel or Ryan,

Is it fair to mention that if you have your file multiple folders deep and there are too many characters (file name is too long) that you will get an error. I forgot how many, i think it was around 23 but I try to keep them only 2-3 folders deep and if there is an error I just bring it to the part folder and then put it back when done.

Is any one running their controller on a network having issues with virus protection slowing it down? If yes please tell us what you are using. If no, also please tell us what you are using.
I keep mine off the network and use a USB drive to bring my nc or twd files over to it. it's an automatic back up unless I modify the file in the controller which is typically only the Z shift #.

Michael Kowalczyk, GM

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Ryan Hochgesang

Postby Ryan Hochgesang » Tue, Apr 24 2007, 1:09PM

It is best to keep new directories as shallow as possible to D:\\Data. Yes, you can get errors if files are saved to deep into the system. It is recommended to keep files names as short as possible (under 20 characters, no spaces, etc...) or THM software may crash upon loading and running.

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