pre hanging entry doors

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Will Williamson
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pre hanging entry doors

Postby Will Williamson » Sun, May 20 2007, 10:31AM

anyone useing a cs 40 to prehang entry doors

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Ryan Hochgesang

Postby Ryan Hochgesang » Mon, May 21 2007, 7:34AM

Hi Will,

If creating the doors in eCabinet software, you can design and have the hardware holes/mounting locations machined by the Thermwood router. Not sure if I'm close to your question here.........

Nick M Singer
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Postby Nick M Singer » Mon, May 21 2007, 11:57AM

Hi Will I am sure you can machine all the required rebates and mortices for flush doors in principle. You would however need a right angle chuck to run lock mortices and butt hinge rebates. machining to the posts is simple with standard tooling

Michael Kowalczyk
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Postby Michael Kowalczyk » Mon, May 21 2007, 2:32PM

Hey Will,
You will also need to make a fixture and or pods to lift your door up to have clearance for your aggregate tooling. Also you will need locater pins for this fixture or pods so that your door is located EXACTLY square to the machine. Make a few blanks first to test/prove your files. Damaging an aggregate tool can be EXPENSIVE. Thank God I do not have first hand experience with that one. I am not sure only because I have not tried it but I do not think it can be done in Ecabs. All vertical routing can be but not horizontal that I am aware of. What other software do you have?
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