How much does a cs45 wiegh?

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Will Williamson
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How much does a cs45 wiegh?

Postby Will Williamson » Mon, May 21 2007, 8:33PM

How much does a cs45 wiegh?I am planning to move a cs45 and looking for the best way to go about it .Looks like I will be responcible for disconnecting and loading on trailer will be transporting 1200 miles Thanks

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Mark Hesketh
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Postby Mark Hesketh » Tue, May 22 2007, 6:11AM

not sure on the actual weight, but we just moved ours from one end of the shop to the other a couple of weeks ago and had no problems with 3 people and a forklift, and a pallet-jack to carry the opperators console. i think the gantry contains the majority of the weight for the machine, so just keep in mind where it is positioned for balancing. good luck with the move :beer:

Todd Miller

Postby Todd Miller » Tue, May 22 2007, 7:13AM

Approx. 7500 lbs

Pete Riddle

Postby Pete Riddle » Tue, May 22 2007, 10:16AM


I think it would be a good idea to contact the Field Srvice Dept here at Thermwood to see about aquiring a set of shipping brackets to ensure your machine is packaged properly and give a repectable chance of arriving in one piece. 1200 miles is a bit further than across the shop. :lol:

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Brian Shannon
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Postby Brian Shannon » Tue, May 22 2007, 3:16PM


It's not a bad idea to remove the Hard Drive also.

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