Start input not responding when trying to writ to text file

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Start input not responding when trying to writ to text file

Postby SoulDiallo » Mon, Aug 06 2007, 8:54AM

I have added the following to my program and the start input stopped reacting. It needs to be pressed a few time before reacting.

[CLOSE #1]

The program can be started when pressing Function keystrokes.

When I remove these lines of the program everything gets back to normal.

Any suggestion about how to log to text file during program execution without generating this problem?


Ryan Hochgesang
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Postby Ryan Hochgesang » Mon, Aug 06 2007, 10:56AM

When choosing to open a file for append you will need to supply a data path, then when finished, you will need to close txt file to allow control to continue through program on screen.


[OPEN \"D:\\directory\\directory\\directory\\filename\" FOR OUTPUT AS #1]
[PRINT #1,\"TEST\"]
[CLOSE #1]

I hope this information has been helpful.
Ryan Hochgesang
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