Thermwood, never loved you more!

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Mark Hesketh
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Thermwood, never loved you more!

Postby Mark Hesketh » Tue, Aug 14 2007, 5:33AM

alrighty. Just checked for and installed the new update for Control Nesting and found the new material filter in the load screen!!! You have no idea how much easier this makes my life! Thanks guys :beer:

Forrest Chapman
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Postby Forrest Chapman » Tue, Aug 14 2007, 7:49AM

This has been a long time coming Mark. I'm sure all of us are as excited as you.

Ps. Thanks Scott :wink: and all the Thermwood guys.


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Brian Shannon
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Postby Brian Shannon » Tue, Aug 14 2007, 2:22PM


David Hall
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Postby David Hall » Wed, Aug 15 2007, 8:13AM

Love it! Huge help! Nice implementation!


David Hall
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Bill Rutherford
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Postby Bill Rutherford » Wed, Aug 15 2007, 9:09AM

Very nice job, THANK YOU
Bill Rutherford
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Joe Soto
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Postby Joe Soto » Wed, Aug 15 2007, 9:17AM

Thanks Thermwood!

Mark Taylor
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Postby Mark Taylor » Wed, Aug 29 2007, 9:18PM

I loaded the update last week and utilized the new material filter on several jobs - kudo's...

But I've got to tell made my day today! I went into the off fall list to load several off falls from the last job and low and behold I found a new search field - now that really made my day!

Thanks Guys!


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