antiwhip bracket on X axis are breaking shoulder bolt

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antiwhip bracket on X axis are breaking shoulder bolt

Postby SoulDiallo » Tue, Sep 04 2007, 8:38AM

Please advice about setting of anti-whip bracket on X-axis (C67DT510)

When going at slow speed they snap and break the shoulder screw

We had already replaced them when this happened before, but we did not catch it before a catastrophic collision that followed.


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Postby Jason McDaniel » Tue, Sep 04 2007, 9:44AM

When you align a new anti-whip on the machine, make sure it is level with the leadscrew. The leadscrew should also be in the center of the anti-whip. To set the height move the axis over as close as you can to the anti-whip and then move it up until it is just touching the leadscrew and again make sure it is level. Now you tighten the bolts down. This should take care of it. If you still have issues contact the Thermwood service department at 1 800 221 3865.
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