Tools Getting Dropped!!!!!!

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Michael J Starry
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Postby Michael J Starry » Wed, Oct 31 2007, 7:35AM

It appears as though you have water and/or oil build up in your air lines. If you have an air dryer, check to see that it is working properly. If it is, remove your air regulator bowl from the machine, empty it, dry it out and replace the filter. It will not clean out the spindle itself, but it will prevent further issues. If you do not have an air dryer, get one.

Doug Gilford

Fine dust

Postby Doug Gilford » Thu, Nov 01 2007, 4:39PM


The cause of this is a build of of MDF dust on the taper itself whilst it sits in the holder.

Where you are routing, if there is excessive dust or low levels of airbourne dust, this will tend to sit on top of the taper.

The MDF and particleboards you are cutting contain resins which easily break down with a combination of heat, and oil.

In other words
a) running tools hotter than necessary
b) the excess moisture or WD40 in the spindle or on the taper

It might pay for your operator to periodically blow down the tapers between sheets, keeping them as dust free as possible

secondly, after you clean the tapers or the spindle with any sort of oil, make sure that you thoroughly wipe them clean and dry with a clean dry cloth.

As Michael stated, another place to check is the compressed air moisture content. This is one of the reasons that we recommend the air supply is fitted with a line dryer.

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Postby Thom Davies » Sun, Nov 04 2007, 1:45PM

Hey Guys

Yeah we do have a air dryer but it turned out that a valve was open and that the air was bypasing the dryer. its been fixed now and on tue the filters will be replaced. i'll keep u updated on how it goes.


Thom Davies

Michael Kowalczyk
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Postby Michael Kowalczyk » Wed, Nov 14 2007, 1:05PM

Forrest Chapman wrote:Thom,

If you have a machine older than a few years then the grippers do not have a positive stop on them. This is a simple add on from Thermwood and cost less than 5$ each. They bolt on under the gripper and stop the tool from popping through. At the same time I would change all the grippers and put new rubber bands on them as it doesn't cost much.


Hey Forrest and Jody,
Just received my new positive stops and rubber bands. Will install shortly but I can see how this will save $$$ real fast. When a tool pops out and hits the floor, it either damages the knob on the holder or chips the plunge tip on the bit and it is usually a 1/2" viper bit that takes the plunge. So just one bit not falling pays for all 5 grippers being changed out.

I hope your situation has been resolved.

Michael Kowalczyk, GM

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