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Terry Davis
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Production Sharing

Postby Terry Davis » Fri, May 30 2008, 2:17PM

Another cabinet shop in our area that doesn't have a CNC wants us to cutout cabinets and edgeband the parts. They are providing the materials and picking up the parts, how do you price this out, by the hour, by the sheet ? Whats the going rate?

jerry johnson
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Re: Production Sharing

Postby jerry johnson » Fri, May 30 2008, 6:30PM

Hi, Terry. Here in California I have been charging $175.00 an hour. I have seen, on this fourm, where other shops charge by the sheet. I think you will need to do what works best for you as there is not a standard that I am aware of. 8)

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Jason Susnjara
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Re: Production Sharing

Postby Jason Susnjara » Mon, Jun 02 2008, 10:54AM

Hi Terry,

Jerry is right and that not all production sharing members will price it the same. When we used to do it, we would charge per sheet. That doesn't mean we were right but it worked easy for us. We didn't do edgebanding either so that would be an added cost. Some members will also charge extra for flip ops.

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Joe Dusel
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Re: Production Sharing

Postby Joe Dusel » Sat, Jun 14 2008, 2:44PM

We've got a few Thermwood shops in our area in Southern California. One charges $25/sheet the other $45/sheet. I go to the less expensive one. Both of these shops include some edgebanding with the per sheet price. The shop I go to charges extra if I'm doing something a bit more time consuming, or if it's cutting something like bamboo plywood. Of course they also charge extra if they have to draw up the cabinets and such. As someone who is buying this service I definitely want to have a per sheet cost so I know what to bid for a job.


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