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Thom Davies
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Postby Thom Davies » Tue, Dec 02 2008, 3:04PM

Hey How's it going?

With the timer on the therm does it time when the machine starts till finish including being idle or is it the time it has been cutting for?


Thom Davies

Ryan Hochgesang

Re: Timer

Postby Ryan Hochgesang » Tue, Dec 02 2008, 4:50PM

Hi Thom,

The sub timer programs available on the Thermwood track all time between the time the START timer is executed, until the END timer is called.

Michael J Starry
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Re: Timer

Postby Michael J Starry » Wed, Dec 03 2008, 2:06PM

So, to elaborate on Ryan's post...

If you call up the START at the beginning of the program and END at the end, above the M02 it will only time the amount of time the machine is running/cutting

If you are looking to time button to button cycles so you can have time for part removal, cleanup, etc between pressing the go button you can put the ENDTIME above the STRTIME at the top of the program. Then the machine will not call the END until the operator hits the go button again. We do both here. I run it with the start at top and end at the end to get actual machining time for quoting purposes. Then I run it with END above START for an hour or 2 to get an accurate button to button time for scheduling purposes.

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Damon Nabors
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Re: Timer

Postby Damon Nabors » Wed, Dec 03 2008, 11:39PM

Good information Mike, Thanks for the input. I had wondered about the timer also.
Damon Nabors

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