Cutting round holes

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Forrest Chapman
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Cutting round holes

Postby Forrest Chapman » Wed, Sep 21 2005, 4:04PM

Hey guys,

I'm cutting 3.5\" round holes and I set in rolling nest to spiral out. What its doing is cutting from the middle out to the edge then the circumferance. As a result it picks up the puck and fortunatly vacuums it up. Is it doing this correctly?


David Hall
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Postby David Hall » Wed, Sep 21 2005, 6:01PM

Yes, it's normal but...

Looks like RN 4.73 might address this (see the release notes on the controller updates page)

Not sure if it will work on circles, which I think are considered drill operations, not pockets.

I've had the hockey puck experience too. Not fun.

David Hall
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Nick M Singer
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Postby Nick M Singer » Wed, Sep 21 2005, 11:37PM

HI Forrest
I had this happen and one of my guys got a shot on the shoulder by flying puck. I changed the setting to zig zag and it worked ,although in some cases it would alternate between zig zag and spiral for no good reason, probably just one of those days!

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