CN Chain vs. Outline feed speeds.

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CN Chain vs. Outline feed speeds.

Postby David Hall » Sat, Jan 31 2009, 10:22AM

I'm probably missing something, but since I can't figure out what, I will punt.

The chain layer in this file gets a feed speed of 152 and the outline runs at full speed. (250)

Short of setting the "max feed size" to 0, Is there a way to get CN to run the outline and chain layers in this file at the same speed?

They are the same tool paths and both tools are set to run at 250 ipm. I'm suspecting the difference in speeds has something to do with when "leave skin" or "double pass" kicks-in then the outline layer ignores "max feed size", while chain layers always honor "max feed size" regardless if it's a through cut or not?

In this example the chain layer tool also has a max penetration that is kicking in, while the outline tool's max penetraion is not coming into play.


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Daniel Vonderheide
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Re: CN Chain vs. Outline feed speeds.

Postby Daniel Vonderheide » Mon, Feb 02 2009, 10:42AM


You are correct. The only way to get the feeds the same will be to change your max feed size to a smaller number.

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Larry Epplin
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Re: CN Chain vs. Outline feed speeds.

Postby Larry Epplin » Tue, Feb 03 2009, 10:13AM

We'll get this fixed for the next version. You are correct, Max Feed Size should only get applied when the cut is through for chain operations the same as outline operations. Thanks for the find!

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