MDF Doors?

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MDF Doors?

Postby MarcoKnjaschewitsch » Tue, May 12 2009, 5:23PM

Ok try this i made an MDF door off the machine using regular spiral bits. But when finished i am having a problem with a Pitted Look. The outter cut edges also have a problem as they are rough (this all after sanding still) What do people do to seal there MDF or Fill these pits first before Painting or is there a paint that would best work with MDF. OR am i using the wrong Grade of MDF to make doors!

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Re: MDF Doors?

Postby FredHirsch » Tue, May 12 2009, 5:43PM

The grade of MDF makes a big difference. In our area plumb creek or the canadian stuff is pretty good. Also we prime with Sherwin Williams Millwork Primer. Do 2 coats. This stuff is just like drywall paste. NOTE: we don't sand anything until after primer coats. Then we paint with ML Campbell Polystar paints.
Fred Hirsch

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Brian Shannon
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Re: MDF Doors?

Postby Brian Shannon » Tue, May 12 2009, 9:34PM

Try watering down some Tightbond 2 Glue and brushing on the new(cut) surfaces.

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Damon Nabors
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Re: MDF Doors?

Postby Damon Nabors » Tue, May 12 2009, 10:36PM

as others have stated, the MDF grade makes a big difference and you might adjust your step over. A smaller step over will take a little longer but will produce a better end result. I am assuming you are using the profile modeler.
Damon Nabors

Nick M Singer
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Re: MDF Doors?

Postby Nick M Singer » Wed, May 13 2009, 12:40AM

We spray all the moulded profiles with an automotive 2K spray filler first.

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