Control Nesting on a PC

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David Hall
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Control Nesting on a PC

Postby David Hall » Fri, May 15 2009, 1:46PM

I'm sure I saw an announcement or email or something about running control nesting (for a Thermwood) on a PC.... but can't find anything about it now.
Can someone point me towards the info please.


David Hall
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Brent East
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Re: Control Nesting on a PC

Postby Brent East » Fri, May 15 2009, 3:17PM

Good afternoon David,

Below is the information on THM Desktop Edition. If you are interested in speaking about it please feel free to give me a call. Thanks.

Provides the ability to run a duplicate set up of your Thermwood control software from your office pc. THM Desktop allows the user to generate nesting sessions along with the code to run the files without tying up machine time. Software license is valid for one year from month of purchase. A software maintenance renewal license is available after the first year, at an additional cost.

• Ability to combine multiple jobs in a single nest
• Automatic trim of reusable material to remove unusable protrusions
• Full control of minimum size part to save for future use
• Full ability to edit and delete jobs and items from nests
• Easy ability to replace scrapped parts in the next nest
• Manually input size and shape of any material then nest it
• Input location of defects then nest around them

• Runs DXF output from major CAD and Cabinet Design Systems without the additional interface or software.

• The Profile Modeler offers the ability to machine profiles, generated in the Part Editor of eCabinet Systems, on the CNC router. Profiles can be machined by using a combination of tools, such as in modeling, or by using a specific custom tool through the Custom Tool selection function.

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