RN 4.74 Error

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Paul Ford
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RN 4.74 Error

Postby Paul Ford » Sun, Oct 02 2005, 8:23PM

Hi guys,
After manually inputting panel sizes in rolling nest V4.74 it cuts all of the parts out fine and then when it cuts the off fall to size it gets half way around and then the machine shuts down for no apparent reason. It has done this to us twice today and I dont know why, the first time it was heading toward the tool length sensor. Very happy that it stopped!
Also last week I had the boss on the machine again (Bad idea as always). Some how when drilling holes with tool number 2 (10mm cutter) for TZ20 holes it managed to drill right through the sheet we were cutting, right through the skin sheet and right through the waste board underneath that. As you could imagine it was very very smokey. Lucky enough it didnt hit the plastic lugs under the waste sheet. It some how managed to drill 4 of these holes and then went accross to the other side of the machine and managed to drill the aluminum on the table!! How did it get this far you are all wondering??? Dont know! ask the boss and keep him away from the machine!
How ever, I would really like to know what might have caused this to happen. I re loaded the job in rolling nest and it came up with an error. (Sorry cant remember what it was). Re started the THM program, re loaded the job and it all worked fine.
Rather amusing! Good reason to watch the machine the whole time it is cutting rather than talking to someone else!!!
Thanks for any advise on this.
CNC code attached as zip file on the panel job that stopped all on its own.

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Jason Susnjara
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Postby Jason Susnjara » Tue, Oct 04 2005, 10:13AM

Hi Paul,

The zip file that you attached does not have any files in it. You can email me the file at cabinets@thermwood.com


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