Drawbar 1 Up switchnot closed

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Steve Detina
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Drawbar 1 Up switchnot closed

Postby Steve Detina » Mon, Jun 08 2009, 9:55AM

Hope everyone is having a better monday then me.

This morning we have been trying to make some doors on the CS40 and everything was fine when we started to get the following error.

Drawbar 1 Up switch not closed 1 second after Drawbar down output turned off (Output 1 off & output 2 open)

Tool change macro completed change but a spindle drawbar is not retracted properly.

What does this mean exactly.

I tried changing tool holders and then I am able to remeasure but then when I run my program again it goes into error.

any help would be appreciated.



Terry Davis
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Re: Drawbar 1 Up switchnot closed

Postby Terry Davis » Mon, Jun 08 2009, 12:09PM

I get that error when I forget to turn the air on..

Keith Neal
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Re: Drawbar 1 Up switchnot closed

Postby Keith Neal » Mon, Jun 08 2009, 12:30PM

We get that error when air pressure is low,or is there is a little rust on the tool holder preventing the drawbarfrom releasing the tool(we live in a high humidity area and things seem to rust while the shop closesfor the weekend). I often fix it by manually removing tool and cleaning it with some scotchbrite and I also clean the spindle with the scotchbrite if rust is present.

Jason McDaniel
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Re: Drawbar 1 Up switchnot closed

Postby Jason McDaniel » Wed, Jun 10 2009, 8:23AM

Hello Steve,

If the air pressure is good and the toolholder is clean, the drawbar up sensor may need to be adjusted or replaced. Does it do it on all of your tools or is it just one tool? Call us here at Thermwood and we can help you get it straightened out. You can also contact CNC Automation in Canada. 1 800 221 3865 or for CNC Automation 1 800 421 5955.
Jason McDaniel
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