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Carousel ATC

Postby James Lovell » Mon, Jun 22 2009, 2:24PM

I now Im posting alot, but I have a old machine with alot of questions with no training. OK. I have been testing out the functionality of this machine before we buy software and even have any techs out. So far I have been able to get all the help I need and down to one last functionality test and that is my ATC. I have an old Thermwood 80ES w/ a carousel tool changer, and the old 9100 controller. My issues so far are as follows after entering an M21 code;

1. Tool changer does not rotate
2. Grippers do not come out of the drop bar
3. I have loaded a tool holder into the #1 position, doesn't grab it.
4. The tool loader gets stuck on the dust hood even know its all the way up.
5. Does anyone have the TOOLCHNG program I could get a copy of that came with the machine for testing?
6. If anyone knows the single M codes for raising the dust hood, and rotating the tool changer carousel.

I would like to see this machine grab a tool from all positions and insert them into the spindle. The graber alignment seems to be right on, to the spindle and the ATC. When I enter an M21 the grab bars aren't grabbing the tool holder. The grabber then goes down, aligns with the spindle. Turns back again, then raises to its proper position. When I enter say a M23, it just repeats the same cycle over and over again, unlike the single cycle of the M21.

I do know that the tools are listed as M21 thru M26 for the six tools that can be stored in the ATC.

Thanks for all the help guys!!!!

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