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Table Location

Postby James Lovell » Wed, Jun 24 2009, 10:26AM

We have purchased a machine used, Thermwood 80ES. When I run some programs that were still on the hard drive from the previous owners, the Z is about 6 inches from the table. I have figured out that they were turning on the spindle manualy every program. It also seems that they were using fixtures above the spoilboard to machine piece parts. Maybe thats why its so far off the table. I am wanting to use a typical 5'x10'x3/4" spoilboard, and machine sheet goods out of a typical 4'x8' sheet to get multiple parts or pieces. Is this setting in the THM.MSU file? I would like the top of my spoilboard to be my Z zero, or heck I even wouldn't mind if the top of my material was Z zero. Which will be typically 3/4" P.B. or M.D.F.

If there is a way to do a touch off and have the machine record it please advise. I could use a step by step process.

There is no hand held wheel on this machine. This is the old 9100 controller. So visibility for a touch off would take quit some time if it's possible.

Ryan Hochgesang

Re: Table Location

Postby Ryan Hochgesang » Fri, Jun 26 2009, 7:50AM


It is possible that the Z tool height was setup to be adjusted through a macro on this particular machine. I've continued to look into the particular machine serial number in which you've supplied and there is no macro files here at Thermwood. It is likely that this machine shipped from the factory without macros and that the macros were made per customer. Machines of this time were typically sold and setup per customer and macros added once machine arrived to customer.

I did resent the PDF for the 91/9100 user control manual and was wondering if you have recieved it? This is likely going to be your best reference as you try to get your machine running.

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