Going out of business

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jerry johnson
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Going out of business

Postby jerry johnson » Fri, Aug 21 2009, 8:25PM

Hi, all. I have been a Thermwood and ecabinets user for the last two years and I cannot say enough positive about both. Unfortunatley, due to the severe decline in construction in California , not only am I losing my router but I am shutting down my shop. I purchased a CS 45 and I love the machine. I purchased it on a lease so if anyone is interested in asuming that lease please feel free to contact me. The monthly payment is $2,845.50 per month with appriximately 42 payments remaining. The lease company may entertain a set cash price as well so if interested please feel free to make an offer. The machine is in excellent condition. It has the auto lube system, seven tool bar style tool changer, and comes with many bits and tool holders. I am truly saddened to lose this machine. I hope you guys in other parts of the world are doing better than we are here. 8)

God bless

Jerry Johnson
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Re: Going out of business

Postby jason galbraith » Mon, Aug 24 2009, 12:48AM

Very sorry to hear of your predicament. I have been in a similar situation some years ago and it is not pleasant to say the least. Australia, I think in general has not fared to badly with the economic downturn, sure some businesses have gone, but as i have seen in years previously, it is more like cleaning up the dead wood around the area. Our business has if anything gone from strength to strength during the last 8 months, and we have remained constantly busy. You could always move here, our biggest problem is a lack of qualified tradesmen, and if you can get a good one they will command a very decent wage. I for instance was offered 70K plus a vehicle to do shop drawings for a small joinery in northern Queensland, just a year and a half ago. Not bad for a 4and a half day week, and none of the pressures of running your own business.
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