My idea of a average kitchen

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Kerry Fullington
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Postby Kerry Fullington » Mon, Jun 06 2005, 6:21AM

Bidder #19 was from 2003 for the Cherry Kitchen


(These shots are from vers.3 I have already deleted the ecab job file so I couldn't render them. These pictures from version3 in eCabinets are still better than most of the other cabinet software applications can produce today. It amazes me what the guys at eCabinets have accomplished in a very short time.)

I never sent my bid package in for 2004 and the maple kitchen. I was working on three of the bid packages and missed the deadline.

I really think the survey is meaningless. Even bidding apples to apples it would have to be adjusted for local economies and cost of living.
All it ever shows is cabinets can cost as much or as little as you want.

It was interesting to see that Michael (in his earlier post) is able to charge approx 40% more than iI do for a job in an area with similar economies.


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Steven Daws
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Price in Aust.

Postby Steven Daws » Sat, Jul 23 2005, 7:45AM

Steve from \"the land down under\". I would say that if the bench tops are granit and all the panels are solid timber, in Sydney you would be looking in the $20,000 Australian range.
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