Installing Progam

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Installing Progam

Postby Dave Wiley » Tue, Jan 02 2007, 12:16PM

I'm by all respects a neophyte. I have been attempting to learn the software on an out of date computer. This computer has now developed problems with its hard drive. I now have a second more suitable computer, but have a couple of questions about setting up the software on the new box.
1. Can I use my current code to opereate the new box? I will wiping out the old hard drive as soon as I transfer all useful data. I'm just not sure how it's going to work. I have looked breifly, but haven't located an answer. ( I'm sure it's out there and I overlooked it.)
2. I have a few cabinets and drawer box files that I altered to fit my construction methods. They are saved in the ecab files. Once I am able to get the program operational on my new box, what is the best way to transfer them over?

Thanks for any help.

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      Postby DanEpps » Tue, Jan 02 2007, 2:10PM


      You will have to get a new registration code for the new computer. You can do this online (look at the top of this forum for Registration Code Generator).

      The easiest way to transfer the files to your new computer is to do a backup from eCabinets (on the file menu).

      You can then copy the backup directory to the new computer and do a restore. This will get all of your settings and materials as well so you won't have to re-do all of that.

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