eCab bottle art

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Paul Huff
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eCab bottle art

Postby Paul Huff » Sat, Jan 13 2007, 4:03PM

I have added 2 new tol files in the Customer tool section to make a bottle and a big glass.
eCab Bottle art.jpg
eCab Bottle art.jpg (143.6 KiB) Viewed 2496 times

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Brian Shannon
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Postby Brian Shannon » Sat, Jan 13 2007, 4:08PM

Wow Paul,

Those are really cool! What ever made you think of making a bottle and glass this way. Simple, but I never even thought about it(and I do some odd things with this software). Keep up the good work and thanks for sharing!


Paul Huff
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Postby Paul Huff » Sat, Jan 13 2007, 5:10PM

We needed a bottle for a wine rack that we were designing. I looked at a few in the 3d files and didn't see one the size I needed. (Hey I know I could have asked Kerry and he would have whipped one up real quick. I have seen this so many times. But why should he be the only one to have all the fun? ) I decided to try it. I guess I should have put a cork in bottle since it is not hollow. But I had to think about the glass a little more because it just didn't work with a flat top. I have played around with 3d programs enough to see a lot of different ways to model things. Finally, duh I realized that we have an extremely powerful modeling tool right here in eCabinets. We all know how good it is with wood. But we could be making a lot of those picture display parts with eCabinets. So why not use it? The big plus is that everything ends up in the perfect format for eCabinets.

Michael Rice
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Postby Michael Rice » Sat, Jan 13 2007, 5:38PM

Paul....that is the most interesting eCab design I've seen yet !

It's what you do, with what you got !

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