Error in boardstock cutlist

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Error in boardstock cutlist

Postby Michael Van Meter » Thu, Jan 25 2007, 2:40AM

Hi Yall...just a slight nuance with my cut list output perhaps someine can assist with...?
I have a full kitchen with one 4 inch style in hte whole job... when I run a cutlist I get a row in the output that lists a Quantity of 22, 4 inch style and a total lenght of 28.25 inches ... when I look in the list of board stock pcs there is only 1 pc... any ideas of how to correct this so that I dont get confused (more that I already may be.) and buy 30 extra Bf of Koa or Cocobolo or something even more expensive... :?:
Thanks in advance and in arears for all yall do around here

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