replacing material

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replacing material

Postby Jason Gooch » Mon, Feb 12 2007, 12:30PM

Hi folks - I have a recurring issue with replacing materials. I've made changes to some of my materials over time (I started using metric dimensions, so altered some of the dimensions in my materials). When I try to reload an old job with the previous dimensions, the software prompts me to reload the old material (which would delete the new one, since they're the same name) or choose a new material. I've created new temporary materials (using names like \"Junk\") so that I can use that material, then delete the old one. Everything about the new one (\"Junk\") and the previous one is the same, however the software won't recognize it - nothing comes up in the \"replace with material\" window. What's going on?

I know this sounds totally confusing, but if anyone has suggestions please let me know. Or possibly there's a better way to do it, I'm open to different methods.

Thanks - Jason

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