Thermwood CNC - Vacuum Pass after sheet Cutting

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Doug Gilford

Thermwood CNC - Vacuum Pass after sheet Cutting

Postby Doug Gilford » Thu, Oct 11 2007, 6:48PM

If you are concerned about any excess dust left on the table after sheet cutting, you might like to run the attached Vacuum program which will utilise the dust collection head and lower down over the table running over the desired area vacuming up excess dust after the sheet has been cut

Release notes are as follows and the program is attached:

(IMPORTANT NOTES................................................)
(to call this program after every sheet, go to the Control Nest/Settings)
(Enter M98PVACUUM.SUBL1 into the Sheet Macro /Footer Field)
(Make sure that this program is located in the ..SUBS folder)

(When this program is run, it will lower the dust hood down to the face)
(of your material and move up and down the length of the table incrementing)
(approx 200mm each pass)

(The way it is set up, you have to have an empty tool holder available to pickup)
(This tool holder needs to be given a tool number and we recommend tool # 998)
(************The daylight value of this tool is CRITICAL***************)

(Set the daylight value manually at around 100mm then:)
(Run this program and see how far off the part the vacuum hood is during)
(The vacuum pass, then;)
(Incrementally increase the daylight value until the hood is in the correct)
(vertical position for optimum vacuum effect during this cycle)

(You will also need to make sure that the \"NHEIGHT\" and \"NWIDTH\" settings)
(below are set to the vacumm area desired)
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