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Hardware List:

Postby leigh mills » Tue, Mar 04 2008, 9:50AM

Hi Guys,
If anyone can throw some ideas at me about this comment i would be very grateful, i have already spoken to a few people and already have some ideas. What im after is a way of inputing our hardware so that it can be associated to a cabinet, I am aware of the hinges and the runners and already have these set up. What i need to know is how can i intergrate our hardware into eCabinets, this would be hardware such as handles, screws, glass shelves, TV lift, hanging rails, curtain rails and many other items and if possible bring them onto the buy list. We wont be buying through Thermwood as we buy our stock in bulk.

After recently speaking to a member he sugested using a spreadsheet which wouldnt be linked to eCabinets, this so far is the best way and i have started to create this. I have set the spreadsheet up so that when i pick a cabinet from a drop down menu it will then give me a list of hardware needed for that cabinet, so i will repeat this several times then it can just be printed of.

This idea seems the most appropriate at the moment, but if anyone can add any suggestions on this, or if any has the same problem and they have a good solution, Thanks.


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