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Dave Burtchell
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Postby Dave Burtchell » Wed, Dec 03 2008, 5:46PM

I'd like to commend you folks at Thermwood on your continuing efforts to upgrade control nesting for us.

There is one recent change, though, that seems like a step backwards that I would like to bring to your attention. It's the new "Nesting Parameters" box.
We cut a lot of odd shaped pieces and switch back and forth a lot between nesting in X and Y to see which gives the best yield. I've always thought that going to settings and then typing in x or y then going back to the main screen and nesting and then doing it all over again because the other way was better was a bit cumbersome. I've asked several times for the nest button to be turned into two buttons so we could just hit nest-x or nest-y from the main screen. Not being a programmer, I have no idea how difficult this is.
When we recently upgraded to 5.44, we were dismayed to see that we now have to open yet another box to get at the space for typing x or y. I really don't understand (and that might be the problem) the need to type in the choice when there are only two choices on my machine. Are there other choices on other machines? Is there a particular reason that this function is getting buried deeper rather than being easier to access from the main screen?

Thanks for being patient. I don't mean to be critical, you guys are doing a great job. It's just that this has been a peeve of mine since we got our machine about 5 years ago.


Stephen Tinkler
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Re: Nesting

Postby Stephen Tinkler » Thu, Dec 04 2008, 5:14AM

Yes Dave mate, We were also dismayed But pleased to see the pocket tool seup put back as our machine wanted a use tool we did not want to use.


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Larry Epplin
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Re: Nesting

Postby Larry Epplin » Thu, Dec 04 2008, 9:24AM


We have received quite a few requests for the nest direction option to be offered on the front screen. We plan to implement this. Thank you for your patience!


We are currently working on a solution for pocket tools to be pulled from the Tooling area. The first strategy in 5.43 was unacceptable, which is why we reverted back to a diameter setting in Settings. Our new technique will be based on user set preferences. These settings will include designating a tool as pocket tool & specifying an acceptable leftover area amount. Hopefully this new method will make it in the next version.

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