Laugh - How bad is the economy?

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Laugh - How bad is the economy?

Postby Rob Davis » Mon, Mar 30 2009, 4:29PM

- How do you make a small fortune under the Obama administration? Start with a big one.
- This market is worse than a divorce. I am losing half my money but I still have my wife.
- Things are so tough around here if we get to the car and there is time left on the parking meter we sit in the car and wait it out.
- This market is like paddling upstream with a rope.
- We are keeping the wolf away from the door but he is also at the window, the side door and the mail slot.
- We quoted a job the other day and this person’s credit was so bad, we wouldn’t even accept their cash.
- Like the money says: In God We Trust. Everybody else pays cash.
- The market is so screwy, if it does this week what it did last week, it could go either way.
- Is the rate of increase decreasing or the rate of decrease increasing?
- I’d leap out the window but I can’t afford an office except on the basement floor.

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