off-fall names in cn5.57

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off-fall names in cn5.57

Postby Mark Hesketh » Fri, Apr 16 2010, 6:51AM

Once I apply a name to an off-fall that I am loading into a job, is there a way to have that off-fall name printed on the sheet so that the opperator knows which off-fall to load? Currently we are batching our veneered parts for multpile jobs together, and doing that remotely from the office. I then have to write on each sheet the label of the off-fall I am calling for. It would be great if the sheet could have a line informing the opperator which off-fall it is nesting on.

Another feature that would be great, would be the abbility to assign a "label" or "name" to an off-fall before it is even cut (something easier to note than the code given with the barcode), and have that displayed on the sheets as well. Currently, I go through the job once I have printed the sheets and write on each sheet the "name" of each off-fall to be loaded, and then assign a "name" for each off-fall to be kept for future jobs. The opperator then writes the "name" on the edge of the off-fall after it is cut so that he can find it easily when needed. It would save me alot of time if this kind of information could be automatically displayed on the printed sheets for me.

Let me know if any of this is possible, now or in the near future... or if I am just crazy... :shock:


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