Suggestion for single lock dado on narrow parts

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Suggestion for single lock dado on narrow parts

Postby Forrest Chapman » Thu, May 03 2012, 11:04AM

So when I do 4" stretchers with a single cam in the lock/dado joint it always put the cam in the center of the part. What that means is the front and back inset have to be .5" or the dado will machine sideways. If you have tried to use the normal 1" inset you know what I mean. For blind dado setting I normally make the front 1" and the back 0" inset. This allows for a maximum tenon length while keeping the tenon back from the front far enough to edgeband the part. It also makes edgebanding easier to follow without labeling. If the program would place the single cam in the center of the tenon this setup will still work without problems. I've tried to think of all possible conflicts but cannot find any so I'm putting it out here for discussion.

Thanks, Forrest

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