Problem Printing Nest Job

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Michael Hayes
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Problem Printing Nest Job

Postby Michael Hayes » Thu, May 22 2014, 1:20PM

When I attempt to print the output of a nest for a whole job the page margins are wonky and I get some info repeated on next page. I've attached a couple pages that show what I'm talking about. It used to work fine in earlier builds of v6 but hasn't worked for a few builds now. Doesn't matter if I print preview, print to PDF, or print to an actual printer. Drivers are all updated.
Pages from Garage Workbench Nook.pdf
Example of problem
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Greg Wood
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Re: Problem Printing Nest Job

Postby Greg Wood » Mon, Nov 09 2015, 9:09PM

No one seems to have every responded to this but I am having the same issue. I have actually always had this issued going back for about 10 years. Thought it was me or my printer but I have been thru about 3 pointers over the years.

Any clues?

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