Spindle Speed Problem

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Stephane Kovari
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Spindle Speed Problem

Postby Stephane Kovari » Thu, Dec 12 2013, 9:12AM

Since the last update, the tool is now digging into the material before the spindle speed is 100%
Is there somewhere I can change this setting to give it more time before entering my sheets!


Daniel Odom
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Re: Spindle Speed Problem

Postby Daniel Odom » Thu, Dec 12 2013, 10:32AM

The M31 code should prevent this, is it outputting M31 with every tool-change? I have seen one bug that is slightly concerning though, the first tool change changes the rpm value before loading the tool but subsequent tool changes have the rpm value after the tool change, causing the tool to use the previous tool's rpm value for a few seconds before changing to the correct value, this can cause problems if you have a tool that uses high rpms that changes to a tool with low rpms or vice-versa. I'm still using control nesting v5.73 so maybe this has been fixed.

Dave Burtchell
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Re: Spindle Speed Problem

Postby Dave Burtchell » Sun, Dec 15 2013, 1:47AM

We have the same problem with the tool using the previous tool's rpm at first. We were using a dry erase pen in a tool holder to mark for the edge bander, and the pen would spray ink if it came after a high speed tool. Have since switched to a pencil, but hard to see on some product.

Stephen Tinkler
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Re: Spindle Speed Problem

Postby Stephen Tinkler » Thu, Nov 20 2014, 4:01AM

Hi is there anyone else noticed this issue !
Cheers Stephen

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Josh Rayburn
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Re: Spindle Speed Problem

Postby Josh Rayburn » Thu, Nov 20 2014, 7:14AM

Stephen, can you post a .cnc file with the problem? I'll be happy to take a look at it. What version of control nesting are you running?
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Scott G Vaal
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Re: Spindle Speed Problem

Postby Scott G Vaal » Fri, Nov 21 2014, 1:40PM


Please get us more information on this. We have recently made a change in this area to prevent a tool from turning on with a previous tools RPM. The code looks to be doing everything correct as far as we can tell. So, if you have the very latest Control Nesting installed and have Router Off Every Sheet CHECKED in settings and are still having an issue, then please get us an export from C-Nesting and a sample program that demonstrates the issue so we can examine/address it for you.

Scott Vaal
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