Best Method Of Inverting Z axis

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casey marionneaux
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Best Method Of Inverting Z axis

Postby casey marionneaux » Wed, Aug 26 2015, 4:55PM

My design software post processor uses +Z for downward motion and my Thermwood machine uses -Z. Whats the best route to fix this?

Will Williamson
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Re: Best Method Of Inverting Z axis

Postby Will Williamson » Wed, Aug 26 2015, 7:29PM

Have you tried to just change the plus to a minus in the post processor? What software is this?

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Brad McIntosh
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Re: Best Method Of Inverting Z axis

Postby Brad McIntosh » Thu, Aug 27 2015, 7:27AM

Be careful to review the other axis as well... Thermwood's machines have used "right-hand rule" for decades. You will want to check and see if you software "rotates" the X and Y axis in order to stay relative to the +Z downward direction. (This would be "Inverted right-hand rule".)

The image below illustrates "right-hand rule". The fingers/thumb point in the POSITIVE directions. (Inverting the hand would result in the "inverted right-hand rule.)


If the X & Y axis are correct and it is just the Z that your post "reverses", as Will suggested - just check and see if you can "negate" the Z output in the post.

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